Short Video Clips Hit The Big Time

Within the last few years a pair of startups, and Seesmic, attempted to popularize short videos as a method of communication on the web. Both of them ultimately failed. Seesmic pivoted (multiple times) away from video (and was eventually sold at a loss) while opted to shut down their operation. The founders and investors in both of those companies must be feeling a bit nostalgic (to put it mildly) as they watch short video sharing take off via Twitter ‘s Vine service and Facebook’s new Instagram video feature.

Earlier this year Twitter launched Vine, which has a six second video limit, as a separate service but also a complimentary service that made it easy to share videos on Twitter. Vine was starting to catch on and for the moment it appeared that Twitter had one upped Facebook on the media sharing front after Facebook had one upped Twitter by acquiring Instagram. Then in mid-June Facebook announced an video feature for Instagram with a fifteen second limit and some other nifty features including filters and very basic clip editing. Advantage Facebook.

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