Still Tagging After All These Years

Back when I was a kid in New York tagging referred to the symbols and phrases that indicated the signature of the city’s many graffiti aficionados. Since Web 2.0 era began tagging has come to mean the practice of adding linked keywords to posts so that the groups of posts on the same topic can be found more easily. I first picked up on tagging via the early versions of Delicious (a link sharing website) and Flickr (a photo sharing website).Today tagging is everywhere and is a very critical element necessary to make a site truly social.

Back in the early days of tagging (in 2005) I do recall an article by John C. Dvorak (To Tag or Not to Tag, That Is the Question) that completely dismissed tagging on the Internet as a fad. I remember it so distinctly because it was the most negative post about tagging that I could imagine.

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