Building Simple Web Applications Using Google Forms

When first time internet entrepreneurs (i-treps) begin to think about building their product it’s often an overwhelming thing to have to consider all the technical aspects of a web-based system. Even with pre-packaged systems such as WordPress and hosted platforms such as SquareSpace there are plenty of important considerations such as setup, design, workflow and more. Once those things are considered i-treps likely turn their thoughts to the time consuming process of acquiring the necessary talent (a programmer, a designer, etc.) to help them make their idea into a reality. Given this it’s not surprising that many new ideas end up shelved before they even get off the ground. While building out a world-class (or at least a really good) system from the start is one way for an i-trep to approach development, there are other approaches that are not only viable but also very advisable too.

Start simple. It seems like such a basic concept but too often i-trep ideas tend to take off into the stratosphere due to our expectation that great things can be built very quickly these days. It’s true that they can be built quickly if you have the right people and financial resources. New i-treps typically lack both of those things. And even if some good people and resources are available there is still a risk that the resources invested in a very new idea will end up squandered if said idea fails to get off the ground. So I say again, start simple. Starting simple allows you to prove the worthiness of the idea and gives you an opportunity to tweak the idea before too many resources have been expended on the initial concept.

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