Business Websites Need A Mission Statement

One of the very important things that I have come to realize about business websites is the fact that each one needs a mission statement. That mission statement should then guide the design and development of the website so that the chief goals of the website are both measurable and attainable. My sense is that most businesses would say that the mission of their website is to drive sales but how you go about that is critical and needs to be a part of the mission statement.

For the most part what I see when I browse many websites, particularly those of smaller companies whose focus is offline commerce, are digital brochures. The focus of these sites goes along the lines of who we are, what we do, news and contact information. All of this is helpful to a certain extent, particularly to people who have never interacted with a business before, but it also certainly represents a gap when compared to the types of features that a modern website is capable of offering.

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Podcast Listening Gone Mobile

As someone who loves to consume media via podcasting I have seen a marked change in my approach to managing the various shows that I listen to (I only subscribe to audio podcasts) over the last few years. From what I have been hearing from people with similar tastes there are many other people who have gone through the same evolution and arrived at the place I’m at now. Below I briefly list the periods that show how my podcast audio discovery and management process has evolved.

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