Skype Reverses Decision To Kill Some Add On Applications

Recently I started up my favorite (well, also my only) third party Skype add on (a call recording app called Pamela) and was dismayed to see a message informing me that soon (as early as next month) it would no longer function. This will occur because the folks at Skype (now owned by Microsoft) have made the decision to shut off their Desktop API.

The Skype team says that they are making the change in the name of innovation, but for power users like me it the decision felt like anything but. All that I (and perhaps you) knew is that an application that is very important to my business might not work in the very near future. So it’s lucky for me (and a bunch of podcasters that use Skype call recording apps) that the folks at Skype-rosoft partially reversed their decision this week. Below you will find the key quote from Skype’s announcement of their reversal.

However, Iā€™m happy to share that we will be extending support for two of the most widely used features ā€“ call recording and compatibility with hardware devices ā€“ until we determine alternative options or retire the current solution. Although chat via third party applications, will cease to work as previously communicated.

As you can see call recording apps have gained a reprieve…for the moment at least. Third-party chat apps (like Trillian I suppose) weren’t so lucky. I am happy about this reversal but I also see the writing on the wall. It’s likely that Skype will continue to change in ways that will impact third party add ins. Whatever Skype-rosoft decides in the near future it’s my hope that they adhere to the best practice of allowing for backward compatibility until such a time as their alternative interfaces into Skype are sufficiently developed and documented.