Get 200GB Free SkyDrive Storage With The New Surface Tablet

Microsoft is upping the cloud storage ante by offering 200GB of free SkyDrive storage for two years to buyers of their new Surface and Surface Pro tablets.

More and more I’m seeing companies bundling in cloud storage with their storage limited (i.e. flash storage) hardware. I believe that Google offers 50GB with the purchase of a Chromebook. Other device manufacturers have special deals with Box and DropBox. The intent is the same across the board. Soothe people’s anxiety about not having enough local storage to keep all of their stuff in hand.

Microsoft is way out in front with their new 200GB offer, but like the Google deal the free storage is temporary. So if you continue to utilize the storage you will have an ongoing cost that May or may not be competitive with other alternatives.

I can’t say that Microsoft’s offer would convince me to buy one of their tabs. I do believe it will push other cloud storage companies to raise the amount of storage in their free tiers and that is definitely a good thing.