Valuing And Encouraging Content Sharing On The Web

The value of a share on the web (aka the sharing economy) is something that has interested me since my early experiences on the Internet and recently I have started thinking about it again while considering the development of another website that I’ve been working on. More specifically I have been thinking about how may shares of a particular link represents a meaningful amount. If I put up a blog post with sharing links is 50 good enough? How about 100? These questions are in aid of determining how well I have done to promote the content on my site.

Speaking of sharing during my early experiences on the web, I highly recommend that you read Andrew Raskin’s E-Diaries that he published on circa 2000-2001. Andrew wrote a series of articles that chronicle his quest to build a company around the sharing economy. The company was called Gazooba (later changed to Qbiquity) and the basic premise involved offering rewards for people who shared a website. The company failed but there are some very interesting insights on company building to be had. More relevant to this post is the fact that value of a share may never be substantial enough to build a company on.

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