LinkedIn Changes Highlight The Downside Of Social Network Publishing

In the last few years LinkedIn has become an extremely important place for business focused social networking. That being the case the value of posting your business-to-business (B2B) related content on LinkedIn has increased significantly. One can always expect that as a social network grows in size, popularity and influence that changes will occur. As Facebook has grown they have made a number of important changes to their News Feed. Some of those changes have been welcome and helpful while others have been perceived as damaging to content publishers. LinkedIn has been changing too, but it hasn’t been until this week that I felt like a change they have made was a bad one.

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Who Controls Your LinkedIn Profile?

LinkedIn has been one of the great Internet success stories in recent years, not only having gone public (a tougher thing to do since the dot com bubble burst) but also having grown significantly as the go to destination for business networking. In fact every person that I know in a professional sense has a LinkedIn profile, while many of those same people don’t have a presence on other social networks such as Facebook or Twitter.

The down side of LinkedIn’s popularity is the fact that things that you post (if you post something there it will likely be seen by all of your contacts and perhaps even more people in your industry) can create a problem for individuals and their companies if another user is bothered or offended by what was written. Those who are bothered or offended can easily see your current employer, which means that any negative backlash towards you could also be directed at your employer. This leads to the following question. What limits (if any) should companies place on the use of LinkedIn by their employees?

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