Reeder For iOS Refreshed

I have been using the Reeder RSS app on the iPhone and iPad (there’s a Mac version too) for a while now. Initially Reeder was just a Google Reader client. With the demise of Google Reader the developer of Reeder initially updated Reeder for iOS to support Feedbin (and subsequently other RSS services) but then decided to create a whole new app for all platforms. As of today that new app is live in the iOS app store. Since the app costs $5 and Reeder v1 still works well on the iPhone I am on the fence regarding upgrading. For those who don’t have a good mobile RSS reader and are looking for one my experience with Reeder v1 makes it easy for me to recommend Reader v2, which is universal so it looks good on both the iPhone and iPad. Do keep in mind that although you can now subscribe to feeds directly in the app that syncing across devices only occurs when you connect to another service. Reeder v2 currently supports Feedbin, Feedly, Feed Wrangler, Fever and Readability.