Connect Things With IFTTT

I have previously mentioned a site called IFTTT (stands for If This Then That) in passing but IFTTT (pronounced like gift without the g) is worth looking into if you’re the sort of person who uses multiple services and gets frustrated about connecting them all together. IFTTT is similar to a Yahoo service called Pipes that allows you to connect different web services to create data mashups. Whereas Pipes is extremely geeky, with a pretty significant learning curve, IFTTT is relatively simple.

The best way to make the case for a service like IFTTT is to throw out a few practical examples of the kinds of problems IFTTT can solve.

  • Backing Up Your Blog – I am using IFTTT to poll my WordPress blog and download a copy of each post to Evernote. This way I always have a second copy of each post and a searchable database that’s available offline. [recipe]
  • Cross Posting from Google Plus to Twitter – Believe it or not Google Plus does not have a way to auto post to Twitter. I use IFTTT to make this happen. [recipe]
  • Send Daily Weather Reports via Text Message – With this you don’t have to remember to check the weather for the next day since you can set the time when the alert is sent. [recipe]
  • Save Instagram Photos to Dropbox – Instagram doesn’t offer this option, which is great for creating an easily accessible backup of your photos. [recipe]

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