Jumping In To Evernote

People usually have one of three reactions when I ask them if they have ever heard of the information management software known as Evernote.

  1. They have never heard of it;
  2. They use it and love it; or
  3. They’ve heard of it but have absolutely no idea what it can do for them.

Until a few months ago I was in the third category and I’m slowly inching my way towards the group that really loves the service. In case you don’t know about Evernote I’ll do what I can to give you a quick primer on the service below.

Evernote’s motto is Remember Everything, so at it’s core what Evernote tries to do is make it easy to capture things that you want to remember. Those things can be almost anything that you can capture digitally, including things like:

  • a grocery list 
  • detailed notes from a class or conference session
  • a picture you took of a physical magazine page
  • a PDF document
  • an audio clip that you recorded
  • drafts of future blog posts
  • show notes for your podcast

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