Getting A Ninety-Nine Cent Domain Name On GoDaddy

As prevalent as having a website that is reachable at your own domain (as opposed to a subdomain like has become in recent years I still come across sites whose address is on a subdomain. Besides being harder to remember, subdomain sites typically have ridiculously long URLs that are likely to get clipped off when shared on other websites. So there are definite benefits to moving to your own domain from a subdomain.

If you have an address at a subdomain it’s likely that you have built your website (or blog) using a hosted service such as, Blogger or Squarespace, to name a few popular services. There was a time not so long ago when using a hosted service meant that you were stuck at your subdomain. Thankfully those days are over. Just about all the key hosted site/blog services offer the ability to use your own domain, although a small (~$10 per year) fee is usually required. Fee or no fee, it’s worth it to have your own unique web address that is unencumbered by the name of the service that you are using.

With all of that stated the real point of the post is to let you know how low cost getting a domain name using GoDaddy can be if you use this “trick” that I heard about on a podcast (I forget which one) recently. First, make sure that any ad blockers that you have enabled for your web browser are turned off. Second, search for “GoDaddy” on Google. You should see the ad shown below at the top of the page.

GoDaddy 99 Cent Domain Ad

Notice the link in the the lower left portion titled $0.99 Domain Name Sale. Just click on that link and you will be able to purchase one  dot com (.com) domain for one year at GoDaddy for ninety-nine cents plus a small ICANN fee. In general I have seen the price of domains rising in recent years so this is a great deal.

If you use the deal that I mention above to get your domain your cost for mapping your hosted website to your own domain will probably be less than $15 per year. That’s a very small price to pay to have your site/blog more recognizable and more discoverable on the web.

One thought on “Getting A Ninety-Nine Cent Domain Name On GoDaddy

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